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videotour of NYC’s most expensive penthouse at $100 million

Not sure how the Dutch saying ‘Baas boven baas’ translates to English, but the $65 million apartment in an earlier post has met its match. The penthouse in the video below is on the market for $100 million… the most expensive listing the city has ever seen….

Showcase your interior design talent on Youtube

As some of you might know, my actual grown up job is PR consulting. Recently I was interviewed for a website about PR and the impact of social media. As an example of how social media can help you build your brand or business I would like to share some video’s I found on Youtube. They were made and uploaded by Rebecca Robeson of Robeson design in San Diego.

Wether or not you like her style is a matter of taste, I think she is very talented, but I admire how she manages to combine my two passions in life; interior design and PR. Her video’s show that she is determined, has creative ideas, understands her clients, has style and they are fun to watch.

Tiny apartment continued

My previous post about the 90 square feet apartment of Felice Cohen left me exploring YouTube for a few more examples of tiny abodes.

Here a selection

House Flips

In a previous post I wrote about house flipping. I got inspired and did a Google search and discovered many people upload their stories on Youtube!

A few examples, many of them from a Guy named Tom Tarrant. Tom; we share different taste in music, and your videos tend to be a bit long, but keep up the great work as you are doing an amazing job!

Not sure if I like all of them, but they sure are inspiring.

Please share any of your flips with me!

3D sketched furniture

This video demonstrates people from design collective Front design in Sweden sketching furniture and reproducing it. No idea how, and it likely involves mind-boggling technology, but I think it is very cool!


Baker Furniture

I love the collection of Baker Furniture.
This American company speaks the language of style; fluent!
They are not trying to be trendy, but to be timeless. You can’t put your finger on their style. Is it vintage? Is it antiques? retro? modern? It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s gorgeous! The accent is on the product, from design to finish.

Sensei Chaise Lounge Chair

At the beginning, a Dutch craftsman named Siebe Baker worked with his hands to create simple yet sturdy wooden furniture. The success of his company allowed his son, Hollis Baker, to study at university, travel the Old World, and become a connoisseur with the eye of a collector. Today these two thoughts, the eye and the hand, remain the cornerstone of Baker Furniture. I love the vintage and antique feel and look of their products.

Designer Bill Sofield room scene

Baker commissions several renowned designers to design not only the furniture but also the entire room and concept. They sell an experience almost. In this video top designer Laura Kirar talks about her collaboration with Baker.