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House Flips

In a previous post I wrote about house flipping. I got inspired and did a Google search and discovered many people upload their stories on Youtube!

A few examples, many of them from a Guy named Tom Tarrant. Tom; we share different taste in music, and your videos tend to be a bit long, but keep up the great work as you are doing an amazing job!

Not sure if I like all of them, but they sure are inspiring.

Please share any of your flips with me!

Home Fairy

Recently I was fortunate enough to meet a lovely lady in De Kring, an art club I am a member of.

We shared a table together with our partners and a few friends and had a lovely evening. She told me about her job, and I was immediately hooked. It turned out we did not only share a table but a passion too; interior design. She flips houses! Her name is de HuizenFee, which roughly translates to ‘The home Fairy’. She buys run down homes, transforms and revamps them into beauties and sells them on.  As this is something I have always been interested in I asked her if she would share a project with me. She gladly obliged and sent me the following pictures. This home is for sale actually. Check the listing at the realtor.

House before

House after

Living room before

Living room after

I absolutely love it. Laren, the town where this home is situated, is a very popular commuter town for people working in Amsterdam or Utrecht. I myself wouldn’t mind living in Laren. The people living there are often parodied as snobbish, new money or stuck up, but as I went to school near there, and as I now know the HuizenFee, this is far from the truth in most cases.

Kitchen before

Kitchen after

Dining room before

Dining room after

Bedroom before

Bedroom after

I particularly like the style she decorated the house with. It is an eclectic mix or vintage, antiques, thrift store and sleek whites. The garden looks absolutely stunning too!

Garden before

Garden after

She inspired me to pick up interior design again. I am starting an advanced course this Monday. Maybe one day I’ll be flipping homes too….If I am ever lucky enough to come across some extra cash I am so doing that!

For more info on de HuizenFee, check her website

Boring House is still for sale…..

The boring house I pimped in a previous post is still for sale for exactly the same price. The current owners must have som time on their hands as most real estate agents these days tend to drop prices faster than Mark Wahlberg used to drop his trousers!

Boring house with massive potential!

Boring house with massive potential!

It’s still a dull and boring house. But the potential is HUGE!

If only I had an extra € 472.500 to spare I’d buy it, flip it and make a profit as soon as this tedious economic crisis has passed.  Because quite frankly, economic crisis? Yawn fest!