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Hunky brit actor sells his modest bungalow

So I heard from Big Mama, of Real Estalker fame, that Jason Statham, an actor we like for the very obvious reasons, is selling his Mid-Century architectural gem above the Sunset Strip.  Listing information shows it has 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, a swimming pool and a smallish yet private and secluded garden.  With 2281 square feet it is modestly sized. But the location is sure going to attract buyers who like to combine the hustle and bustle of the strip with the quiet and calm of the hills. I love those glass-wood-graphic-open style homes. This one reminds me a bit of the home of Colin Firth in A Single Man. 

Jason Statham home

It’s on the market for $2,749,000

Jason Statham Home

A little bit of history repeating

CPB 2101 fire screen

CPB 2101 fire screen

His royal hunkiness Swedish Prince Carl Philip had designer aspirations. To prove his abilities he designed a series of cutlery and more recently, this cast iron fire screen. The design has historical references: On May 7th 1697, a large fire broke out in Tre Kronor castle in Stockholm, burning most of it down to the ground. It has since been restored, but this screen works as a constant reminder of what fire can do. Set in the fireplace, it will be almost like a small theater stage, with the blazing fire behind the black iron.

Available exclusively through Svenskt Tenn, a Swedish high-end department store.