A single man home for sale

Tom Ford’s award-winning movie A Single Man was aesthetically stunning. I was in awe with the decor, light, set dressing, design; everything. It helped that two of the most beautiful people in the world starred in it. I really loved Julianne Moore’s house, but was also quite partial to Colin Firth’s glass mid Century gem of a home.

Scene from the movie. Image by Hookedonhouses.net

The home, designed by renowned architect John Lautner, was built in 1949. It’s currently on the market for $1,495,000. The house has been recently restored to its original natural redwood and glass beauty. A classic that Frank Gehry and Frank Escher both count among their absolute favorite homes. It boasts so many glass walls it feels transparent at times.

John Lautner's Schaffer Residence

Want to know more about John Lautner? The Homevoyeurs.com webshop sells many books about this influential 20th Century architect. For instance this coffee table book Lautner, 1911-1994: disappearing Space, by Barbara-Ann Campbell-Lange. It’s on sale for $9.99.

Lautner, 1911-1994: Disappearing Space

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