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A single man home for sale

Tom Ford’s award-winning movie A Single Man was aesthetically stunning. I was in awe with the decor, light, set dressing, design; everything. It helped that two of the most beautiful people in the world starred in it. I really loved Julianne Moore’s house, but was also quite partial to Colin Firth’s glass mid Century gem of a home.

Scene from the movie. Image by Hookedonhouses.net

The home, designed by renowned architect John Lautner, was built in 1949. It’s currently on the market for $1,495,000. The house has been recently restored to its original natural redwood and glass beauty. A classic that Frank Gehry and Frank Escher both count among their absolute favorite homes. It boasts so many glass walls it feels transparent at times.

John Lautner's Schaffer Residence

Want to know more about John Lautner? The Homevoyeurs.com webshop sells many books about this influential 20th Century architect. For instance this coffee table book Lautner, 1911-1994: disappearing Space, by Barbara-Ann Campbell-Lange. It’s on sale for $9.99.

Lautner, 1911-1994: Disappearing Space

Cameron’s house from Ferris Bueler’s day off for sale

On a recent trip to Chicago I did a little John Hughes tribute tour. We went to see Ferris Bueler’s high school and the house of his movie friend Cameron. Imagine my surprise to discover that the famous glass house is for sale! It’s on the market for $1.65 million.

Photograph from Gawker.com website

The house, located in the leafy suburb Highland Park, was designed by architects A. James Speyer and David Haid in 1953. It offers 5.300 square feet of living space and floor to ceiling windows throughout offering views of the ravine that give this part of Highland Park, Ravinia, its name.

Photograph from Huffingtonpost website

The house is featured in a very famous scene from the movie. It’s when Cameron has a breakdown when he returns his dad’s Ferrari and discovers that hundreds of miles have been added to the odometer. He and Ferris decide to take mileage off the odometer by putting the car in reverse on a jack. The jack however lets go when Cameron kicks the car out of frustration and sends the car crashing through the glass and into the ravine.

Spot more movies

As you all loved the Spot that TV show feature so much, I thought I’d give you pop culture savvy readers another go.

Spot that movie this time. And unlike my first article with that subject, there is more than one movie to guess this time. If you know the names of all of them, let me know. An added bonus if you know the name of the person involved in all of these movies.

First one up, this house:

Movie House #1

Movie House #1

All of you born before 1980 will cherish fond memories of this movie which was released in 1985. In the movie, the house was to be torn down to make room for a golf course. If only they could find a way to get enough money to stop this from happening……Marta Plimpton and Corey Feldman also star.

 Hint: The older brother of the main character is, in real live, the stepson of a famous female singer. In the movie his character shares a name with a character living in house number two in the Spot that TV show article elsewhere on this site. This movie marked the very beginning of, at least according to IMDB, his career.

Then mystery movie house number 2:

Movie House #2

Movie House #2

I still get the shivers when the snow on my TV set appears to be sending messages from another dimension. This house does not survive the entire movie as it is sucked into The Other Side towards the end of it. That’s what you get for building on an ancient burial ground.

The special effects used for this bit were almost amateurish, the sound used is that of a vacuum cleaner. However; it was mind blowingly realistic.

Hint: Sadly, quite a few of the cast members died under perculiar circumstances in years following the production. With this adding to the mystery surrounding this movie.

House number 3; it actually resembles house number 2 a little. It was likely built in the same time.

Movie House #3. In the movie, there were no trees in front of it

Movie House #3

It is located in an earthquake prone suburb of Los Angeles, but that is just mere trivia and has nothing to do with the movie it starred in.

It was literally sealed in plastic for the climax of one of the most popular movies of all time. The big tree in front of it was not there yet as the movie crew were actually the first occupants of the house. When they were filming, some houses in the same neighbourhood had yet to be built.

There were corn fields right behind it though. At least, in the movie there were.

Hint; This movie marked the beginning of a successful career for one of the youngest cast members. She had to go through a stint in rehab or two, three, four well before she grew boobs, but managed to draw the spotlight back on herself and has starred in many popular movies since.

In a later movie she starred in, her character actually revisits the house, nude, clutching a large inflatable flower.

Mysterious Movie location number 4:

Movie House #4

Movie House #4

This house  is the home of a Einstein-esque professor able to do wonders with a DeLorean sports car in a popular trilogy from the 80’s and very early 90’s.

As I think that description was hint enough I am not giving you anymore. Maybe just the fact that the next movie location was featured in the first two of this trilogy.

Movie location number 5:

Movie Location #5

Movie Location #5

This tunnel can be seen in many many movies and TV shows. It was where Mischa Barton crashed her car in The O.C for example. In the movie I am referring to here, it starred as the entrance to a very animated town.  The main character in this movie is framed for a murder he didn’t commit.

Hint: The director of this movie, also directed the trilogy of Movie Location #4.

There you go; five movies to guess.

A combined hint: they were all released in the 80’s except part three of the trilogy in movie #4. But production for that was still very much an 80’s affair.