Nathalie Lété, art that makes you happy!

All images courtesy of Nathalie Lete

All images courtesy of Nathalie Lete

Paris based artist Nathalie Lété was born in 1964 from German and Japanese parents. It might be this mixed background that explains that her work is both extremely girly, as favoured by many Japanese women, and pure craftmanship that likely derives from her German side. But whatever her inspiration or drive, her work is fabulous.

Sometimes the images she uses tend to be hallucinative almost, yet they are all good and happy trips. Children, gay men and mums alike will love the cereal bowls with bunny rabbits looking up at you saying ‘C’est Bon’ (it’s good). There are birds, butterflies and squirels dancing around on bedlinnen, tins, bracelets and bags. And smiling Labradoodles barking in French from small breakfast plates… And every single item has that certain je ne sais quoi the French seem to be born with. You want to buy it, own it!

Image courtesy of Nathalie Lete

It’ no wonder that big names such as fashion designer Issey Miyake, ceramists Astier de Villatte and fabrics imperium Designers Guild wanted to work with her.

Check her work here.. you won’t be sorry!

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