Back of the boring house

Further to the front of the dull house in my previous post, I also tried to alter the back a little.
It looks as if I actually painted on the pic, but it’s all Microsoft Paint’s tools I used. Very basic, and nothing like Photoshop, but I do like the result 😉

Back of the house before

Back of the house before

This is what it looked like before. The window frames in the garage are a different colour from the rest of the house. Also, the terrace is too small and they only have one single door leading to the garden from the main house. That is where the kitchen is. The window on the left is the bedroom.
Here’s what I tried.
Dull no more!

Dull no more!

To start, the exterior walls are painted white to match the front of the house.  The window on the left was changed into a double door. This allows immediate access from the bedroom to the garden. Then a conservatory was added back to the kitchen. This also makes the house look more elegant, and it creates an extra room inside. As it is adjacent to the kitchen, one can have coffee or breakfast there when the temperature is too low to sit outside, but the sun is out.
Obviously adding a bit of season, literally as I added spring, helps. The plants are in bloom, and there are leaves on the trees. Also, the glass fence between this garden and the neighbour’s is now covered in ivy. Flagstones lead to the back of the garden where there’s another terrace and an outside fire place. I don’t think I will be able to alter that photograph anymore today, but I might post it later.
I hope you like these tricks. It looks better I think 😉

3 responses to “Back of the boring house

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  2. Cooolllll! That´s amazing! Can you do that to any old crappy shed I might buy out here in Spain as well ;)?

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