Homevoyeurs webshop!

Style and Substance; the best of Elle Decor by Margaret Russel

Homevoyeurs.com is proud to present the opening of the homevoyeurs.com webshop!

As an added service to my loyal audience I have added a webshop feature where you can get inspired while shopping for wonderful books and DVD’s.
The kind folk at Amazon have allowed me access to their archives and stock. This means I can now offer you books on interior design, styling, homes, gardens, DIY, architecture and because you all want to live in their homes; the DVD’s of Desperate Housewives!

Browse 1000’s of  books about country living, urban trends, tips for small apartments, gardens, vintage styles, glamorous decors, famous architects, trends, DIY and home improvement and much much more.
The shop is now open, so have a look here!


The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge

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