Smoke detectors… a decorating afficionado’s nightmare

Picture this… a home decorated with eye for every single detail. A master plan with meticulous planning, preparation, devouring decorating magazines, mood boards, trips to the back country for that one off table; every nook, niche, tile and cranny is thought over to create a wonderful overall picture. Ornamented or freshly panelled ceilings, a robust, modern designers lamp or a marvelous and dramatic chandelier to top it all off…And a grey plastic smoke detector…. because you don’t want to die in flames…

Why, but seriously, why do those things always have to be so hanous, so ugly, so, so pratical!

Enter, the Chick-a-dee!


Chick-a-dee courtesy of Louise van der Veld

Designed by Dutch design student Louise van der Veld, it is the winning design in a design competition organised by the Dutch Association for Fire Prevention. Currently it is under production, so unfortunately not for sale yet. But Dutch design shop Thinking of Holland will gladly put you on a list to notify you when they will go on sale. Retail price is approximately 50 dollars/40 euros.

My name is on there, and I want it it white. But it comes in pink and grey too.

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