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Golden dirt porcelain espresso cups by Usuals.nl

Dutch design duo Usuals created this pretty set of espresso cups. The gold seems ‘spilled’ but is non removable.

€85.00 per two

Golden Dirt by Usuals

Iconic Dutch architecture inspires Hotel in Zaandam

Check out this interesting hotel design by Dutch architecture firm WAM architecten. The design looks like a pile of typical green wooden houses stacked on top of each other. It’s the new Inntel Hotel Amsterdam in Zaandam, a town North of Amsterdam. The 4-star hotel has 160 rooms and a total of 11 floors.

What do you think?

Inntel Hotel Zaandam

Inntel Hotel Zaandam

Turn the season carpet

Got a case of autumn blues? Craving a bit of spring? Yvette Laduk, a young and up and coming Dutch designer, came up with this clever carpet. Turn it around in spring for a dose of crispy autumn leafs or the other way around for a touch of green in the colder months. It measures 155 cm x 236 cm.

Turn the season carpet by Yvette Laduk

Houseboat by +31 architects

Some of you design buffs based in the Netherlands might have seen this before  as it was heavily featured in the national press, but I still want to share it on my blog.

De Omval Houseboat designed by +31 architects

This houseboat in the Amstel river in Amsterdam was designed by +31 Architects. They are known for other houseboat projects in the Amsterdam area. The boat is a streamlined glass panes design allowing maximum use of natural light. It reminds me a bit of the Elicium building at the Rai conference center, designed by Benthem Crouwel architects.

Houseboat de Omval by +31 architects

The boat might be very modern, but it was designed to reflect the shape of other houseboats in the canals and rivers of Amsterdam. Neighbours and council alike are very enthusiastic about it. Personally, I feel like I have seen it before.

What do you think?

Marcel Wanders designed ‘suites’ for sale.

While getting my daily real estate fix on Funda, I stumbled across this remarkable project. In an old gunpowder factory building along the river Amstel, a little south of Amsterdam, Dutch designer Marcel Wanders designed these 7 apartments aptly called suites.

Marcel Wanders designed Amstel Suites

Granted, they are stunning, but with the location right along the highway and the suites measuring an average of 530 square feet (about 50m2), they are priced pretty steep. The smallest one has an asking price of €259.000 and measures a mere 430 square feet. The lay out is very clever with a small pantry, a lush ensuite bathroom with bath, and high vaulted ceilings. The most expensive is quite a bit larger, 624 square feet. The living room is bigger, and the ground floor has enough space to house the bathroom. The bedroom is in the mezzanine. The asking price is €355.000.

Marcel Wanders designed Amstel Suites

I wonder who the developer is trying to target. The suites are too far from the city to be considered an easy commute after a night’s out. They are too close to the highway for that outdoors/countryside feel, and they are very much a single persons abode. So basically they target people living alone, with a decent budget, who do not want to live in the city….. In all honesty, they have many alternatives. If they had converted the building into two or three moderate sized family homes, they would have been able to target a bigger audience.

Marcel Wanders designed Amstel Suites

Check out the suites at the project website.

Photographs courtesy of Ouwehand v/d Meijden Makelaars

De Nieuwe Liefde Amsterdam

De Nieuwe Liefde

De Nieuwe Liefde (‘The New Love’) is a theatre and spiritual centre in Amsterdam. It is housed in a monumental white building originally constructed in 1904 as storage space for a local wine company.  After falling into disrepair, and after the last tenants leaving the property in 2007, the building, before called De Liefde, was completely rebuilt by Wiel Arets Architects and renamed De Nieuwe Liefde. The new building houses a main hall with seating for 230, a conference room with space for 60, a choir space for 50, a library, a separate restaurant-café and a grand foyer.

De Nieuwe Liefde

With the renovation they made sure to maintain and utilise some of the original Neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau features such as the staircase and extensive stained glass windows throughout. In order to allow natural light to pour in, an expansive skylight was created above the central foyer.

Starling Lamp

Fellow Minerva alumnus Marc van der Voorn designed this wonderful lamp.


Starling lamp


He designed it a few years back to be fair, but it only came to my attention recently. It was commissioned by Dutch label Odesi. The bird looks as if it will fly away any minute. I love how the chintz and delicate fabric of the lamp contrasts with the harsher appearance of the bird.

Funny how birds tend to play part in many Dutch designs.


Starling Lamp by Marc Th. van der Voorn


The Starling comes in four colours; cream, charcoal, olive and mahogany and costs €240 through the Odesi webshop.

Dimensions: ø 50 x 20 cm
Material: shade: Chintz / bird: RVS