Minimalist interior with design master pieces, for free?

In February I posted about our friends rakin’ in design for free for their new home. They buy, mark up, sell with a profit and buy more design until at one point they have earned back their investment and can decorate their home with top-notch master pieces by the likes of Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier.. for free! Well, the furniture that is. They still had to splash out for the bathroom and kitchen, but with all the money saved on furniture they could afford a bit more on those, and it shows. They are hosting a house-warming party this Saturday, and I can’t wait to ogle all that design. For those of you not on the guest list; here’s a sneak preview. 

Cassina Le Corbusier LC2 chairs


Kitchen designed by owners, built by Miele. Appliances Gagenau, faucet Zazzeri Soqquadro


MR90 Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Louis XVI mirror


Bathroom designed by owners, built by Waterproof Bathrooms. Teak wall mounted cabinets by Rifra. Faucets Zazzeri Soqquadro


Photography courtesy of Rogier Bos. You can check more of his work here 

Got inspired? Here a few tips for books about some of the designers featured in this home and about minimalist interiors. 

Mies van der Rohe: Stuttgart, Barcelona and Brno: furniture and architecture. By Alexander V. Vegesack, Matthias Kries, Vitra Design Museum Staff


Inside MNM: Minimalist Interiors. By Jaume Nasple, Kyoko Asakura


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