Rakin’ in design.. for free!

Friends of ours have recently purchased an amazing house in a new development.  The house won’t be finished for a while, but it is never to early to start planning the decorating of the house! Especially if you have a master plan…

They vowed to try to decorate the house, or at least parts of it, for free….How, I hear you ask? By making use of my (and their own) online buying tips! Buy and sell with a profit are the magic words in this story my friends. Their ultimate goal is to buy a light grey Cassina MISS sofa. It’s the mother of all sofa’s and makes for a stunning feature in your house AND for relaxing evenings in front of the box.

However, they do not want to spend a single penny on it…..  And here’s how they are doing so far.

In order to achieve their dream they are currently buying and reselling design furniture they find online. Here is a picture of their sitting room as it was up to last Thursday.

 Last week the same site they sold their sofa through listed an ad of someone selling their B&B sofa for €2250. It was in better condition than the one they had just sold for €3500 so they bought it.  In order to accommodate the large design piece, They stored the Le Corbusier sofa and chairs and put the B&B in it’s place for as long as it lasts. They immediately put up an ad on the same website asking  €4000 for the sofa, hoping to get €3250. That would mean a total profit of €3750! 

Sitting room before

Sitting room before

 Lots of Le Corbusier chairs. They actually found those online too. And yes, that is an Eileen Grey side table you see in the corner. And the good news is that that same little table will be gracing my sitting room with its presence soon!

But the plot thickens. They bought a 2nd hand B&B Italia Charles sofa for €3000,-. However, after a few weeks, they realized that as beautiful as it was, it was anything but comfortable (as often is the case with design). They sold it online with a profit of €500,-. In the mean time they bought the Le Corbusier sofa and chairs as on the picture and put those in their sitting room, thinking they would keep the room as on the picture until the new house was finished.


The coffee table and side table are from the same collection as the sofa; B&B Italia Charles.

Sitting room after, with the B&B Italia Charles sofa

Sitting room after, with the B&B Italia Charles sofa



But the plot thickens even further…. Unbelievably enough they found an identical sofa online for €850!  It is not in as good a condition as the other one, but will easily make €2000 bringing their total to €5000! All this within a few weeks work. And this is just the beginning.

Good luck guys, you are an inspiration to many of us!

I am now logging off to frantically look for something I can sell with a profit to start my fortune….Anyone interested in a Bijenkorf Table from the 60’s?

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