American Architecture

OK, i’m going to toot my own horn here. (if my blog’s title homevoyeurs didn’t get flagged as spam, that will). 

On a recent trip to California, I got camera high from all the remarkable and photogenic places, buildings, people and scenery. I must have shot about a 1000 pictures. I couldn’t turn a corner without going ooh or aah and clicking away at the sight of another ‘typical American street’ or ‘great example of a 60’s ratpack bungalow’. But it would not stop there. I photographed my lunches, my feet poolside, humming birds, Yosemite’s bridal falls from all angles possible and legal and don’t forget neon lights or street ads. And seals, or were they sea lions? Or both? 

A few of these pictures, I would like to share here.  As this is a blog about homes, architecture and design I’m going to keep it to that. So no worries, I won’t be sharing pictures of supersized pizza’s or feet with flip flop tan lines. 

Mojave Liquor store


San Diego liquor store


San Francisco motel


Calistoga Spa


Disney Opera Los Angeles


Bombay Beach trailer


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