Pleat lamps by DUM/Dumoffice

All the magazines write about them, at least the Dutch ones. The new lamp collection Pleat by DUM. They must have a great PR person, or the lamps just stroke many people’s fancy, cause one could not open a magazine or the product pages would feature these lamps. DUM is a new label by Dutch designers collective Dumoffice. The collection Pleat consists of lamps, or Luminaires as the designers call them, made of pleated fabric. This very traditional technique results in subtle yet elegant lamp shades reminiscent of the ones your parents had.   

 All shades feature a crooked or tipped line across which resulted in intriguing volumes and shapes.
They come in both floor lamp and suspension models, and in different colours.   

Pleat suspension lamps by DUM


 Inspired? There are a lot of books about Dutch Design for sale in the Homevoyeurs webshop.   

For instance False Flat, why Dutch Design is so Good by Aaron Betsky. Order your copy now for only $27.37   

False Flat; why Dutch Design is so Good

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