De Nieuwe Liefde Amsterdam

De Nieuwe Liefde

De Nieuwe Liefde (‘The New Love’) is a theatre and spiritual centre in Amsterdam. It is housed in a monumental white building originally constructed in 1904 as storage space for a local wine company.  After falling into disrepair, and after the last tenants leaving the property in 2007, the building, before called De Liefde, was completely rebuilt by Wiel Arets Architects and renamed De Nieuwe Liefde. The new building houses a main hall with seating for 230, a conference room with space for 60, a choir space for 50, a library, a separate restaurant-café and a grand foyer.

De Nieuwe Liefde

With the renovation they made sure to maintain and utilise some of the original Neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau features such as the staircase and extensive stained glass windows throughout. In order to allow natural light to pour in, an expansive skylight was created above the central foyer.

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