Smurf movie stunt colours Spanish town blue

To promote the premiere of the Smurf movie all buildings in the village of Juzcar, Andalucia, have been painted blue!

The Andalucian town of Juzcar painted blue for the Smurf movie

It took 4,200 litres of paint to cover this real life Smurf Village and 12 unemployed locals donned brushes to help out. The stunt needed special approval from the Andalusian government and from the local bishop, but all parties involved including the 250 inhabitants love it. They are even talking about keeping it this way after the premiere as it attracts quite a bit of buzz and tourists.

Hitting theatres in Europe in August, The Smurf movie sees the tiny blue Smurfs venturing into New York’s central park after they were chased from their village. The Smurfs were first broadcast on TV in 1981, nearly 30 years after Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford’s had begun drawing them in comic strips in 1958.

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