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A lot of times I hear people say they think blue is a cold colour, and that predominant use of it in a room or space, makes the room feel cold and uninviting. I guess technically, or scientifically, blue is a cold colour. But that doesn’t mean that the use of blue in a design scheme makes a room or space feel cold. And there’s blue and there’s blue.

Check out these examples. Would you feel cold or uninvited in these rooms?

Gorgeous living room with blue color scheme

Kitchen with royal blue painted wall


French themed sitting room with powder blue walls

Sitting room with high gloss painted blue walls

Turquoise walls and royal blue furniture combine well. It might be a bit too much for some though


Blue works with modern or retro inspired room designs too

I told you so…. bright pink and royal blue all the way

So yes, this happened.

Remember I told you about the exam I took a little under a year ago? I designed a twenties/Art Deco revamp of a dated house with great character. The lady examiner that graded me said that she loved my drawing style and gutsy design, but she detested my colour scheme.. bright fuchsia pink and royal blue. I knew for a fact that my colours were right on, especially considering the brief. But I kept it to myself as this lady was still to grade me. I passed, but with the extra remark that I needed to be aware of colour trends.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw this post about a table revamp by Naomi Stein over at Design Manifest. I don’t want to say it but can’t help it…


Table revamp by Naomi Stein in post on Apartmenttherapy.com

My design for a revamp of a 1930’s house


My design for a revamp of a 1930’s house


Red headboards

We recently had the walls on the second floor of our condo painted. It’s a powder blue/lavender type colour and we love it. It matches really well with some of the reds in our accessories, so I was thinking of adding even a bit more red. We always wanted a headboard, and I am thinking of making one myself.  Here are some great images of red headboard in the style I am going for.

This red headboard is maybe a bit over the top, but I really like the way it looks with the blacks and whites.

This red headboard is a bit more modest. It would look great with some of the art in our room too.

This red headboard might be my favourite. I really like the faded antique red, which would match our faded curtains. Also, the yellow/white trimming will work great with the tassels on our curtains.

This is our bed room now. It needs a bit a pizzazz

This is our bedroom now. As you can see it needs a bit of pizzazz










What do you think we should go for?

Smurf movie stunt colours Spanish town blue

To promote the premiere of the Smurf movie all buildings in the village of Juzcar, Andalucia, have been painted blue!

The Andalucian town of Juzcar painted blue for the Smurf movie

It took 4,200 litres of paint to cover this real life Smurf Village and 12 unemployed locals donned brushes to help out. The stunt needed special approval from the Andalusian government and from the local bishop, but all parties involved including the 250 inhabitants love it. They are even talking about keeping it this way after the premiere as it attracts quite a bit of buzz and tourists.

Hitting theatres in Europe in August, The Smurf movie sees the tiny blue Smurfs venturing into New York’s central park after they were chased from their village. The Smurfs were first broadcast on TV in 1981, nearly 30 years after Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford’s had begun drawing them in comic strips in 1958.