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Personalised wall art

We all know the feeling. You come back from that amazing holiday, or just had the best party EVER, or managed to capture your pet’s best portrait on your digital camera or iPhone. But then what? Most pictures these days don’t make it further then a Facebook post or a tweet. And after your phone stops allowing you to pick up calls because it is maxed out with data, the picture folder eventually needs to be emptied further limiting the life span of those pictures. It might be worth saving some and printing them on canvas or acrylic as wall art.

Create your own personalised wall art

Try going for a bit more quality then you get at your average copy shop or photo booth. A great site to check out is www.fotoviva.co.uk. I did a search online and they are one of very few that deliver worldwide. Plus they print on gallery quality canvas and acrylic, which makes the result look a lot better. They also have a pretty cool online gallery with stock images, both photographs and art, to choose from if your own pictures are not cutting it. Acrylics start at £60 and canvases start at £35.

An example of the stock images at http://www.fotoviva.co.uk

Try mixing your own personalised wall art with existing images or prints you have, and frame those in different frames to create a unique collage. If you paint the wall in a contrasting colour, it’ll make the wall stand out!

Not all pictures and wall art need to be framed. The Ikea portrait of Audrey Hepburn in this example could be replaced with a canvas of your own pictures.

Instead of hanging the wall art on the wall, create ledges, to allow for regular changes to your collage. In this case, a black and white themed wall art collage creates a sleek and retro feel.

Instead of hanging the wall art on the wall, create ledges, to allow for regular changes to your collage. In this case, a black and white themed wall art collage creates a sleek and retro feel.

You’ll find that a wall with custom art will get the attention of both you, and your friends and family. You can even theme your wall according to the occasion or holidays.

Another example from the stock gallery at Fotoviva. This image would work great in both a modern, and retro interior. The colours even work in a classic style home. Especially when printed on high gloss acrylic!

I told you so…. bright pink and royal blue all the way

So yes, this happened.

Remember I told you about the exam I took a little under a year ago? I designed a twenties/Art Deco revamp of a dated house with great character. The lady examiner that graded me said that she loved my drawing style and gutsy design, but she detested my colour scheme.. bright fuchsia pink and royal blue. I knew for a fact that my colours were right on, especially considering the brief. But I kept it to myself as this lady was still to grade me. I passed, but with the extra remark that I needed to be aware of colour trends.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw this post about a table revamp by Naomi Stein over at Design Manifest. I don’t want to say it but can’t help it…


Table revamp by Naomi Stein in post on Apartmenttherapy.com

My design for a revamp of a 1930’s house


My design for a revamp of a 1930’s house


Drawlamp by Sam & Jude

Just the other day I was talking to my sister about how we both set reminders for the next day if already in bed. We both grab whatever is closest to us (in distance, not to heart) and throw it towards the bedroom door. The next day, that grey throw pillow, t-shirt or sock automatically reminds us to pack the binoculars, call the cable company or pay that bill that’s due etc. This never fails. Our respective partners would probably not even remember if the binoculars, bill or cable guy himself was lying on the ground by the door. For them, of for anyone with an eye for design, there now is the Drawlamp. It’s a nifty designed ceramic lamp that you can draw on as many times as you like. So great for those last minutes mental notes, great ideas or other that pops to mind when you just can’t be bothered to get out of bed anymore. But naturally you can also draw a lamp on it, or any other picture that you like to see illuminated. I like it. And I can’t believe how something so simple and effective can seem so new? I don’t recall seeing it before.

The lamp is designed by East-London based design studio Sam & Jude. You can buy it at Mookum for € 39,90.

Have a yabbadabbadoo time in this house in Malibu!

Had to post this. It’s been done before for sure, or at least contemplated, and I still think the architects of Maison Bulles in Théoule-sur-Mer France were inspired by the Flinstones, or possibly the Jetsons. But never have I seen a house so in keep with the theme as this one. It’s in Malibu, off course it is. TV host Dick Clark  decided to put it on the market shortly before his death in April this year. My guess is that the asking price of ‘only’ $3,500,000 is because it is not everybody’s taste. Cause if it is, and you’re rich, than the house with its magical ocean views is yours for a price well under what the neighbours paid!

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