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Red headboards

We recently had the walls on the second floor of our condo painted. It’s a powder blue/lavender type colour and we love it. It matches really well with some of the reds in our accessories, so I was thinking of adding even a bit more red. We always wanted a headboard, and I am thinking of making one myself. ┬áHere are some great images of red headboard in the style I am going for.

This red headboard is maybe a bit over the top, but I really like the way it looks with the blacks and whites.

This red headboard is a bit more modest. It would look great with some of the art in our room too.

This red headboard might be my favourite. I really like the faded antique red, which would match our faded curtains. Also, the yellow/white trimming will work great with the tassels on our curtains.

This is our bed room now. It needs a bit a pizzazz

This is our bedroom now. As you can see it needs a bit of pizzazz










What do you think we should go for?

Sleeping Dogs

This table could not be more impractical but it’s stunning. The oak surface has been cut with graphic patterns that were painted bright red. It comes in orange and smoked black too, but the red is by far the best. German based design collective Sleeping Dogs also created a bed with the same pattern but that is, in my humble opinion, horrendous.

Deep Oak, by Sleeping Dog