Cool tent designs for a stylish glamping trip!

With the weather getting better we start planning where to go on holiday this summer. They say there is a crisis so why not go camping? It’s cheap, fun and it is actually very much accepté! Make it a glamping trip and spend what you save by camping on one of these cool tents!

A tent shaped like the mother of all camping items; the Volkswagen Van! Available through

VW Camper Van tent from

Animal Farm, a truly fantastic tent by tent designers Field Candy. Make sure to check out their website for many many other designs!

Animal Farm tent by Field Candy

For the price of what an average tent at Field Candy costs you can ‘buy’ a night in this inflatable Bubble Tree. For a mere £400 a night, tourists can spend an evening in one of these inflatable ‘tents’. Created by French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas, the structures are designed to get people as close to nature as possible… Downside is that other people are very close to you too….

Bubble tree Hotel

2 responses to “Cool tent designs for a stylish glamping trip!

  1. Those are sweet i love it camping made fun and unique

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    These are a great

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