Cleverly designed prefabs for the less fortunate

Sometimes great plans are just destined to take form. The prefab homes of young designer/architect Brett Zamore for instance. For his thesis at Rice University School of Architecture  he rehabilitated an old mansion in his alma mater Houston, Texas. This caught the attention of Architecture for Humanity who commissioned him to design an easy to build home in Biloxi Mississippi for people who lost their home to hurricane Katrina. This again inspired him to start designing a line of prefab homes specifically for those who might not be able to afford regular new-builds. The result, two designs, called up+dn, were sold to various companies building affordable homes for the financially challenged. Families all over the Southern States are now happily living in his homes.

I particularly like the shutters and porch on the homes in the images below. They are reminiscent of long sweltering summer evenings in the South where people drink cool mint juleps and wave fans in their faces. The colour scheme makes for a luxury feel and give the homes a chic appearance.

All images courtesy of Interior Design and Brett Zamore Design

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