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The American Dream in miniature

This looks like it is an original 1940’s postcard. A typical display of the real American dream. Lush green suburban avenues and a car for everyone. However, it is not what it seems. It’s the work of artist Michael Paul Smith, who too to recapturing scenes from his childhood in 1950’s USA… in miniature.

So no 1940’s Suburbia, but a plank, miniature cars, and the perfect angle

This guy is my new hero. I think he is awesome….

photography: Michael Paul Smith


Set fire to a skyscraper

Designer Naihan Li came up with this simple yet surprising design; candles shaped like iconic sky scrapers. You can set fire to some of the world’s tallest structures. The series is aptly called ‘Flammable’ and is joined with a politically correct rationale. Something about an aversion to modern architecture blah-di-blah. Either way, they look awesome and I can imagine it might feel oddly satisfying to light them. It has a nice little Voodoo-touch to it, don’t you think?

Flammable, by Naihan Li, is a series of candles shaped like iconic high rises and skyscrapers.


Christmas decorations

To get you in the spirit ūüėČ

Is your tree up yet?

Wonderful low budget office redesign

War Child is a wonderful organisation that helps children in war zones. They recently moved offices, and were in need of a low-budget yet representative new home. After offices along the historic canals of Amsterdam and an old church, the new office, a concrete box on top of a small strip mall, was a bit too much of a cold turkey, so they called in help. They really want to spend as much of the money they have on their projects.  So Eckhardt en Leeuwenstein architects, who were commissioned to design the new offices, needed to keep it lean, but mean. And mean it is. I absolutely love the result. Vintage finds from goodwill, all painted in one colour. So simple, so effective.

New War Child offices in Amsterdam. Photo: Evelyn Sanders for Eckhardt en Leeuwenstein

New War Child offices in Amsterdam.
Photo: Evelyn Sanders for Eckhardt en Leeuwenstein

New War Child offices in Amsterdam Photo: Evelyn Sanders for Eckhardt en Leeuwenstein

New War Child offices in Amsterdam. Photo: Evelyn Sanders for Eckhardt en Leeuwenstein





Cartoon-like home in Thailand cost just $8.000 to build!

It reminded me of the Maison Bulles house for Pierre Cardin on the French south coast. And it reminded me of another real live version of the Flinstones’ home. Either way, this is a clever piece of work. The owner built this wonderful little home for as little as $8.000. His name is¬†Steve Areen, once a flight attendant for Delta, now non conventional entrepeneur making money with music, photography, blogging and, as this project shows, by saving money on living costs. He used materials sources from the local area and did most of the work himself saving on labour costs. It took him only 6 weeks nonetheless.

Dome house by Steve Areen / photo:

Dome house by Steve Areen / photo:

Dome house bathroom by Steve Areen / Photo: Inhabitat

Dome house by Steve Areen / photo: Izona

Yves Klein blue

Yves Klein (28 April 1928 ‚Äď 6 June 1962) was a French artist who was an important member of the¬†¬†Nouveau r√©alisme¬†movement. He was instrumental in the development of performance art. But he is also known for a well-known series of ultramarine blue monochrome paintings he first exhibited in Milan in 1957. This deep, lapis lazuli like, blue became known as International Klein Blue. He later used this same colour for his famous ‘Anthropometries’ series for which he covered women’s naked bodies with IKB and had them jump or fall against white linen and canvasses.

Yves Klein Anthropometries of the Blue Period

Untitled blue monochrome by Yves Klein

Today the colour is used in both contemporary and classic interior designs.

Yves Klein painted walls in an interior shot featured in Elle Décor

Yves Klein coloured coffee table and pillow cases. Photo from

Table revamp with IKB wall by Naomi Stein in post on

An IKB painted feature wall in New York Magazine


Artless limited edition Melinda Chair in IKB wool