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The American Dream in miniature

This looks like it is an original 1940’s postcard. A typical display of the real American dream. Lush green suburban avenues and a car for everyone. However, it is not what it seems. It’s the work of artist Michael Paul Smith, who too to recapturing scenes from his childhood in 1950’s USA… in miniature.

So no 1940’s Suburbia, but a plank, miniature cars, and the perfect angle

This guy is my new hero. I think he is awesome….

photography: Michael Paul Smith

source: messynessychic.com

Classical sculptures dressed as Instagrammers

Photographer Léo Caillard and photo editor Alexis Persani came up with a very simple, and very cool idea. They ‘dressed’ classical statues in contemporary hipster outfits. The result; the sculptures look very cool and attractive. I guess figure hugging shorts, shirts and trousers work on any type of muscular body; even a marble one.

Hipster sculpture by photographer Léo Caillard and photo editor Alexis Persani


Great photography sells a home!

In an older post I already touched the subject; how good photography sells a house. Or rather, how bad photography doesn’t! People hunting for homes usually look online first. The very first thing they see of a potential home is a picture. If that picture doesn’t immediately grab their attention, chances of them buying the house are slim. I have a hard time understanding realtors who don’t live up to this golden rule. Why would a rule that applies to groceries, cars, clothes etc not apply to what might very well be the most expensive purchase ever?

Somebody who understands this is Dennis van Duijn of O Kijk! Panografie. He specializes in panoramic photography, and puts his talents to use for presentations of homes for sale as well as museums, restaurants and hotels. A recent project he shot, a houseboat in Rotterdam, sold  within a matter of weeks after it was put on the market. I am pretty sure the presentation had something to do with it. The price, a friendly € 315.000,- might have had something to do with it too; but that’s Rotterdam for you! A similar boat in Amsterdam would have set you back an easy €150.000 more.

Nominees for the annual Bouw in Beeld photography award

Ballerinas by Paul D. Scott

The folk behind the Dutch annual photography award Bouw in Beeldprijs  have announced the ten nominees for this years edition. They have been commissioned to shoot new work within this year’s theme Back Home.

They are:

Erik Klein Wolterink
Diana Scherer
Stephan Keppel
Frank Penders
Henk Wildschut
Paul D. Scott
Elian Somers
Daan Paans
Mieke Woestenburg
Ilse Leenders

Bloemveld by Diana Scherer


The Bouw in Beeldpijs  is an annual photography award initiated by Ballast Nedam, a large Dutch construction group. the prize, a sum of Euro 10.000, is awarded by a jury consisting of photographers, architects and people from the art industries. 2010 will be the fourth year the award is presented to a talented Dutch photographer.

Each year the theme links to building in the broadest sense of the word. This can be building a house, or building on one’s self, ones relationship, community or a better world.

For more information check out their Dutch website here.

Dutch architecture photography award

The third edition of the Dutch photography award Bouw in Beeldprijs has started with the nomination of ten finalists. This award, an initiative of Dutch building giant Ballast Nedam, has grown into one of the most prestigious photography commissions in the country. Ballast Nedam believe in strong synergy between photography and architecture and therefore provide a stage for photography talent to showcase their work. The motor behind it all is the non-profit organisation Stichting Edgar Degas.


Maarten van Schaik; winner 2007

Maarten van Schaik; winner 2007

From the very beginning the themes of this yearly commission allowed the  finalists to focus on architecture and building in the broadest sense of the word. ‘BuildingFaces’ and ‘My Room, My Space’ were the themes of the 2007 and 2008 commissions respectively. This year the theme is ‘Gimme Shelter’, again allowing commissioned finalists to get inspired by public spaces, autonomous structures and people and their need of safety and shelter in general and not limit themselves to buildings as such.

Sarah Carlier; finalist in 2008

Sarah Carlier; finalist in 2008

The 2007 edition, also the first one, was won by Maarten van Schaik. In 2008 Antoinette Nausikaä was chosen as recipient of the 10.000 euro prize money. Her work of a sole boulder on a Dutch beach convinced the panel of judges consisting of photographers, architects and a delegate of main sponsor Ballast Nedam.

The ten finalists of the 2009 edition are Annika Hauke (Saarbrücken Germany 1978); Jantien de Bruin (Rheden, the Netherlands 1971); Krista van der Niet (Bathmen the Netherlands 1978); Maarten Tromp (Amsterdam, the Netherlands 1980); Marjan Teeuwen (Venlo, the Netherlands, 1953); Martin Roemers (Oldehove, the Netherlands 1962); Roderik Henderson (Den Bosch, the netherlands 1965); Stefanie Grätz (Braunschweig, Germany 1977); Yvonne Lacet (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands 1980) and Andrea Stultiens (Roermond, the Netherlands 1974)

In due time I hope to be able to share work they create as part of the commission with you. But to give an idea ofd the quality of their photography a selection below.

'Magic Hour' by Roderik Henderson

'Magic Hour' by Roderik Henderson


Maarten Tromp; from his book 'De buurman, z'n ex & de eigenaar van de wasserette'

Maarten Tromp; from his book 'De buurman, z'n ex & de eigenaar van de wasserette'


Marjan Teeuwen; 'Archief'

Marjan Teeuwen; 'Archief'


Their work will be exhibited in the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen starting June 23rd. On the opening of the exhibition the winner will be announced. After Amstelveen the exhibition will further travel to Eindhoven and possibly Maastricht.