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Taylor Swifts historic Nashville mansion

American country singer Taylor Swift paid $2,5 million for this wonderful historic Southern Belle. A bargain, insult almost, compared to the prices in the greater Los Angeles area! The home, known as Northumberland Estate  was built in the 1930s for  Guilford Dudley, Jr, who was an ambassador for the USA in Denmark. The house is a perfect example of 20th-century Southern architecture. It used to sit on hundreds of acres but the land has been subdivided since.

Taylor Swift's Northumberland Estate in Nashville USA

The sellers are Universal Music Group chairman Luke Lewis and his wife, Lauren. The couple hired renowned architect Manuel Zeitlin when they bought the home to turn it into their dream home. They sure managed to maintain its historic integrity. I truly hope Taylor Swift has the same eye for historic value and will treat this wonderful home with the respect it deserves.

Foyer of Taylor Swift's new Nashville Home. I love the mirror slates

The lounge. The black (or is it dark blue?) walls are a magnificent touch. I love how it gives it a very classical and dramatic feel.

Dining room

Now there's a library! Love the chairs!

Sources: Lily at Hookedonhouses.net and Casasugar.com

Mischa Barton puts her house on the Market. $8,395,000 and it’s yours!

Rumour has it the current financial crisis is hitting c-list celebrities too! Good Lord, where is this world going to. Our friends at The Real Estalker heard it first, but Mischa Barton is selling her home. Well, we all saw it coming really. What did she do after the OC? And wait, was she even in that the whole run? To be fair, she was OK in the OC. It was her love interest, not even bothered to IMDB his name, that got on my nerves. The house from the show was featured in one of Homevoyeurs’ Movie & TV home quizes.

But, hard times for Mischa means she has to put her house up for sale. And judging the pictures, this will not be an easy decision. Her house looks as if a lot of energy went into turning it into a villa one finds in the old country’s Tuscan Hills. It is in fact located in the Beverly Hills, and features 6 bathrooms and 10 bathrooms.

Mischa Barton's Home

$8,395,000, or if you are good at haggling a bit less, and it can be yours. Now where is that thing that I use to check my bank balance…..