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The Walk in Closet

It’s every girl’s and gay man’s dream, a true and proper walk in closet.  It represents style, class and it is just great to be able to see all your clothes without having to go through piles and piles of vintage t-shirts, jeans, sweat pants, fleece jackets and moth ridden woolen jumpers before you get to your favourite pair of Canali flat fronted dress trousers.

Yes, the walk in closet… when I grow up I want one too.

The Dutch beer brand Heineken came up with a great TV ad making use of this phenomenon. Check out this video:

I have to say that I am gay enough to understand the girls screaming, but guy enough to understand the blokes too. I can imagine having a walk-in-fridge for beers. I have always been jealous of Eddy’s champagne fridge in Absolutely Fabulous too….

But, the walk-in-closet. We tried to create a similar thing by turning a room into a dressing room but it is just not the same as it also the guest room so there is a bed there. A real walk in closet is a separate room to be accessed from the master bedroom, an d ideally a step away from the bathroom. In many American homes you’ll find you have to walk through the bathroom to get to the walk-in-closet which I have always found a bit odd.

f you lack the extra room, but have a bedroom big enough you can try creating a partition with your wardrobes and putting the headboard of your bed against the back of the wardrobes.

The room measures 5.30x3.5 meters

The room measures 5.30x3.5 meters

I first saw this solution in a friend’s bedroom and was amazed by such simple yet efficient use of space. Make sure to fix and pain the backs of the wardrobes as they are often ugly brown chip board. Try painting them in a very bright or contrasting colour for a dramatic effect.

But obviously the best walk-in-closet was Karen’s in Will & Grace…It prompted Jack to say ”Oh my God, if my closet were like this I never would have come out of it!”

I will try to find a video or picture of it soon, but Immelda Marcos that was one big walk-in-closet!
Share pictures of your walk in closets if you have one!

Christian Lacroix sells his Paris apartment

Look at these wonderful shots of Fashion Designer Lacroix’s wonderful Paris apartment…
Obviously, the decor is stunning. Understated, charming, eclectic and a tad bohemian; I love it.

Great taste Mr Lacroix!

Great taste Mr Lacroix!

The apartment, or actually more or less house, is located in the very plush (and shamelessly gay) Marais district of the French Capital. Whoever is able to dish up the surprisingly modest €2,000,000 will be rubbing elbows with supermodels, photgraphers, designers and thespians from the world over. Also, the Marais has a huge Gay population making this the obvious choice for Mr Lacroix to buy back when.

With approximately 200m2 (2250 square feet) the apartment is not huge for such a high profile figure.
It also looks quite modest, yet so incredibly tasteful it hurts. It is making me just a bit jealous to be honest. It has a patio where we don’t even have a balcony .

Outside and view from sitting room towards patio

Outside and view from sitting room towards patio

The apartment is part of a late-17th-century building near the historic Place des Vosges and the Picasso Museum. It has an upper floor with sitting room, kitchen and general living areas designed around a small patio of roughly 18m2 (200 square feet) and a lower floor with four bedrooms and bathrooms.

There’s also a mezzanine room now used as a library. The ceilings of the living floor are 13 feet high which allows for a very roomy and dramatic ambience. Throughout the place one can find many classic original details, including gilded moldings in the master bedrooms and French doors. The bathrooms and kitchen have been recently renovated. Mr. Lacroix has moved to another apartment just a few steps away in the same fabulous Marais district.

Celebrity living: Whose living room is this?

A multiple choice question on the website of the Los Angeles Times.

Whose living room is this?

Elle Wood's?

Elle Woods?

I thought it was Elle Woods’ actually, I mean, it is her style right?

What, like it's hard?

What, like it's hard?

The options to choose from however don’t list Elle as one of the possible owner of this Strawberry-Shortcake-on-acid-bonanza of a living room. One can choose between Mary Matalin & James Carville, Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russel or Joan Collins (wonder why they don’t mention her hubby in the line-up.. She didn’t get divorced AGAIN did she?)

When saving the picture on my PC the answer was actually revealed as the name it was saved as was also the name of option #1…Mary Matalin and James Carville….. I hear you thinking: And they are….?
Well, she was sort of an advisor to George W. Bush and editor in chief of a conservative magazine.
That’s a pretty gay house for such conservatism Mary!

I do like their sense of style, but it’s a bit tooooo pink for my likin’…..