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Spring inspiration: balconies, patio’s and urban gardens for city dwellers

Wow, that was a trip. Winter just didn’t seem to know when to quit right? But voila, spring is here. Trees and plants are slowly beginning to bloom, birds dare to sing without fear of freezing their vocal cords, and the sun rears up it’s pretty golden head! Time to go outside, open those doors and let the air in!

I feel it, and can’t wait for Friday April 19th when FINALLY after 5 years of bureaucratic struggles, we’ll have a balcony too! I am already researching magazines and garden books for the best plants, the most comfortable cushions and outside candles. I can’t wait to add that bit of outside space to our home. Here are some of the best balconies, patio’s and urban gardens I stumbled upon.

Christian Lacroix sells his Paris apartment

Look at these wonderful shots of Fashion Designer Lacroix’s wonderful Paris apartment…
Obviously, the decor is stunning. Understated, charming, eclectic and a tad bohemian; I love it.

Great taste Mr Lacroix!

Great taste Mr Lacroix!

The apartment, or actually more or less house, is located in the very plush (and shamelessly gay) Marais district of the French Capital. Whoever is able to dish up the surprisingly modest €2,000,000 will be rubbing elbows with supermodels, photgraphers, designers and thespians from the world over. Also, the Marais has a huge Gay population making this the obvious choice for Mr Lacroix to buy back when.

With approximately 200m2 (2250 square feet) the apartment is not huge for such a high profile figure.
It also looks quite modest, yet so incredibly tasteful it hurts. It is making me just a bit jealous to be honest. It has a patio where we don’t even have a balcony .

Outside and view from sitting room towards patio

Outside and view from sitting room towards patio

The apartment is part of a late-17th-century building near the historic Place des Vosges and the Picasso Museum. It has an upper floor with sitting room, kitchen and general living areas designed around a small patio of roughly 18m2 (200 square feet) and a lower floor with four bedrooms and bathrooms.

There’s also a mezzanine room now used as a library. The ceilings of the living floor are 13 feet high which allows for a very roomy and dramatic ambience. Throughout the place one can find many classic original details, including gilded moldings in the master bedrooms and French doors. The bathrooms and kitchen have been recently renovated. Mr. Lacroix has moved to another apartment just a few steps away in the same fabulous Marais district.