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Spring inspiration: balconies, patio’s and urban gardens for city dwellers

Wow, that was a trip. Winter just didn’t seem to know when to quit right? But voila, spring is here. Trees and plants are slowly beginning to bloom, birds dare to sing without fear of freezing their vocal cords, and the sun rears up it’s pretty golden head! Time to go outside, open those doors and let the air in!

I feel it, and can’t wait for Friday April 19th when FINALLY after 5 years of bureaucratic struggles, we’ll have a balcony too! I am already researching magazines and garden books for the best plants, the most comfortable cushions and outside candles. I can’t wait to add that bit of outside space to our home. Here are some of the best balconies, patio’s and urban gardens I stumbled upon.

On the Edge planter

On my quest for ideas for my own possible balcony I found this smart planter. 

'On the Edge' by Michael Hilgers

'On the Edge' by Michael Hilgers

Aptly called ‘On the Edge’ and designed by German designer Michael Hilgers. It is a modern take on the traditional window planters. The pots are designed to hold themselves in place on the railing of a balcony, Made from water-resistant polyethylene, they can be left outside during all seasons.  The pots can rest on any railing with a maximum thickness of 60mm, which is actually not too much, many wooden or concrete/brick railings will likely be too big. Two separate compartments offer multiple planting options.

The crafty design is perfect for those city dwellers with limited outdoor space, but can easily be used in gardens, patio’s, roof terraces and even indoors.

The can be bought online here.

Gardens! A great site

Childhood home garden

Childhood home garden

If you need advice about plants, flowers, gardens, vegetable growing or anything related to the flora world, heres the place to be. I signed up today and already made friends in Norway, Canada, the US, Singapore etc. These people share one major passion; plants. I love this site. Check here and make sure to look for pictures of the gardens of members. Some are simply amazing!

The picture is one of the garden of my childhood home by the way.