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Prefab garden shed / greenhouse / guesthouse

This lovely green house Garden shed is designed by architect Ville Hara and designer Linda Bergroth for Kekkilä Garden’s Home & Garden collection. It’s a prefabricated garden shed combined with a greenhouse that easily doubles as a guesthouse. It can be assembled by simply using a screwdriver.  The Garden Shed, made from Finnish pine and safety glass, was launched in 2010 and was awarded with the Garden Product of the Year prize.

Garden shed by architect Ville Hara and designer Linda Bergroth for Kekkilä Garden’s

It is available through Kekkilä Garden in Finland and by Hasselfors Garden in other Scandinavian countries.

The back provides storage space


source: architizer

2nd hand for the price of a new one.

This ticks me off bad.

On Dutch auction site marktplaats.nl I saw an ad for a 2nd hand Ikea lamp. Quite a lovely one, we have two at home. You can actually see them in the main image at the top of this site. We paid something like 32 euro for the two together. She states it’s made of glass, but believe me, it’s plastic. Nevertheless, it’s a lovely lamp.

When reading her ad I noticed that she was asking 19.95 for hers, mind you, a 2nd hand one!

Thinking the poster of this ad might have been confused I sent an email stating that the new price is actually around 16 euro’s which is lower than what she was asking for her 2nd hand one.  I was unaware of a price increase, so when I received an email from the poster, a lady going by the name of Misz Persia, saying that “I needed to check ikea.nl, and this time with my eyes open”, I was a bit shocked. Her agressiveness led me to believe that she was well aware of her unkosher trademanship…

Nonetheless I checked the website, and in fact, I stand corrected, the lamp now costs 19.95.. which is exactly what she charges for her 2nd hand one. “there’s is nothing wrong with it” she claims in her add. Immediately followed by “that’s is one of the reasons I am getting rid of it”. Guess she is in fact looking for a lamp with something wrong with it?

I think there’s a lot wrong with that lamp…..

Mental note to self, never do business with Misz Persia. She sells you used stuff, doesn’t hide that it is not new, yet charges exactly the same as the shop does. Try doing that with a car!

Honestly, I ask you

image courtesy of Ikea.nl. It's a lovely lamp

image courtesy of Ikea.nl. It's a lovely lamp