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Merry Christmas from Homevoyeurs!

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What $2.950.000 buys you in New York.. and in Amsterdam

A recent post on one of my favourite blogs, The Real Estalker, featured a modest two bedroom apartment in NYC. I am no newbie to international real estate so know that prices tend to be, well, insane there, but this surprised me. The 1,486 square feet apartment is listed for $2,950.000….

Don’t get me wrong.. it’s a nice place, but $2.950.000? really??

Granted; the views are amazing, and having windows in both the bathroom and kitchen are rare in this city, but still…. $2,950.000???????

Let’s stop and have a closer look. First, let’s get this in metrics; $2,950.000 equals about €2.225.000 and 1486 square feet is about 138 square meters. I am actually wondering if, based on the floor plan, that figure is not a bit of a fib, but let’s say that square footage is a hard fact. Now come join me and find out what that price tag gets you in my home town Amsterdam, shall we?

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I give you, the floor plan of just one floor of our soon to be revealed mystery home

I wish I could get a sharper image, but I am confident that you can see that this home (yes home, not apartment) is a tad bit bigger than the NYC listing. It is situated on one of Amsterdam’s famous canals; Leliegracht. It’s listed for exactly €2.225.000 and for that you get 13 rooms spread over a total of 500 square meters (5382 square feet). But the real treat is the garden! The back of the house is double width so the garden is huge with a lot of privacy. It borders the neighbouring gardens so the city seems far, far away.

The House is situated on a lovely, treelined canal

The House is situated on a lovely, treelined canal

The home would not be fully available for use though. The second floor consists of two self-contained studio apartments that are rented out. But this, in turn, gives you a bit of cash each month, lowering the monthly payments. And the current tenant is willing t discuss a move. That’ll cost you a so called ‘oprotpremie’ (severance pay). Mind you, there is still more than enough private space, and the studio’s make use of their own separate entrance. The one downfall really is parking, or rather, the lack there-off. No private parking means you are subjected to the bureaucratic hell that is parking laws in Amsterdam. If you did not leave behind a house in the same area, you might be looking at a waiting list for one spot. But then again, the building fees of the apartment in NYC are a staggering $2668 a MONTH, which is more than enough to rent two parking spots somewhere nearby.

The main floor boasts a wonderful formal living room and eat-in kitchen with doors leading to the garden

The main floor boasts a wonderful formal living room and eat-in kitchen with doors leading to the garden

Lush gardens, with several spots to follow the course of the sun

Lush gardens, with several spots to follow the course of the sun

The house is old, built in 1900. Which is actually relatively young for its location as most homes on Amsterdam canals are from the 18th, sometimes even 17th Centuries. It’s a monument, which does mean that you are limited in what you can change or do with the home. But anything you do, you can do subsidised! Ahhh, the joy of living in a socialist state 😉

The house actually looks older than it's 114 years.

The house actually looks older than it’s 114 years.

So, I guess it’s safe to assume living in NYC comes with a price. A high price. And here we are, Dutch ‘disgruntleds’, complaining about the price of real estate in our capitol…… I dare not compare the other way around; checking to see what a private residence with garden on Manhattan would cost. I guess it’s more though.

Folded paper interiors by Simon Schubert

German artist Simon Schubert creates these amazing folded paper illustrations. They look like you could step right into them! Mind you; each is just one single sheet of paper! It’s the folds that create the depth and illusion. It took him a wee bit of practise and some illustrations take about a week to complete.

Hipster birdhouse inspired by 50’s caravan

How cool is this birdhouse? I know!

It’s inspired by the Shasta caravans of the 1950’s. There are many different models available through Jumahl‘s Etsy store.

Hipster Birdhouse

Fold your bowl

A recent article about my home on Apartment Therapy featured a picture of our fruit bowl. It’s a plastic/polymer bowl that we bought as a flat sheet. The edges are cut out to resemble a Dutch skyline with windmills, canal houses and draw bridges. Once put on the table the shadow cast by either sun or lamp shows the skyline on your table.

Many people asked me where I got it and who designed it. Margriet Foolen was responsible for the design, and I bought this bowl at Thinking of Holland. A dutch design shop I posted about earlier. It is available through their webshop and only costs € 22,-.

Make light, not war

The Sopranos meet Versace. I am liking this lamp actually, part of a series of table and floor lamps in silver or gold. 

Table Gun Lamp Gold

Designed by Philippe Starck for Flos in 2005. The body of the lamps are in die-cast aluminum. The gold version has an 18K polished gold-plated finish. They start at around $980,- and can be found in several online design shops.

The Homevoyeurs webshop sells many books about Starck, have a look!If you’re lucky, even on eBay!

Starck book

Starck’s own words on his Gun Lamp Collection:

First there were attempts at life, then the draft
of life, then Life itself.
It didn’t have much value – life and death altogether.
It was something of an accident, without importance.
But Mankind kept working. A lot.
A civilisation was crafted so that Life could live.
Sublime by obligation, Life became sacred,
untouchable. The great, beautiful Life, guaranteed
to everyone, surged and survived until today,
the 21st century, the third millennium, the advent
of civilised civilisation.
Bravo! Rest in peace.
Crash! It’s never what you think.
After just a short period of enlightenment,
the shadows return, fast, dense and menacing.
Rewind, death is at the door.
Nowadays we kill – religiously, militarily, civilly,
indeed very civilly sometimes. We kill out of ambition,
out of greed, for the fun of it or of the show.
Republics turn bananas. Tyrant are our masters,
Designed, manufactured, sold, dreamed, purchased
and used, weapons are our new icons.
Our lives are only worth a bullet.
The Guns Collection is nothing but a sign
of the times.
We get the symbols we deserve.
Happiness is a hot gun.
Glory to our dictators
To Life, To Death

Light, functional, affordable and elegant,
with over 100 million copies officially
produced to date, the Kalachnikov is one of the
industrial design success-stories of our age.
Mr Kalachnikov has never received any royalties
for this design. He often complains about it.
Thus, I intend to pay him a commission for the
sales of the model that replicates his invention.
Poor guy. The remainder will be donated to
“Medicins sans frontieres”, though sometimes
I wonder why.
Aux larmes Citoyens
Aux armes Citoyens

The gold of the weapons represents
the collusion between money and war
Table Gun symbolises the East
Bed Side Gun symbolises Europe
Lounge Gun stands for the West
The black shade signifies death
The crosses on the inside are to remind us
of our dead ones.

Yes, well, it is still just a lamp Philippe……

Ralph Lauren Home collection bedding in the Homevoyeurs webshop

Cape Lodge Plantation Chair and Noble Estate Chaise from Ralph Lauren Home Collection


OK, I know, it’s like saying you vote Republican.. but I LOVE the Ralph Lauren Home collection! It makes me want to be rich. Very very rich as the products come with a hefty price tag, but boy oh boy, would my life be complete!

Taking inspiration from a very white lifestyle, with even a hint to times when slavery was still ‘de rigeur’, Mr Lauren sure knows how to set a mood. Items with names like Plantation Chair, Noble Estate Chaise and La Boheme Desk one immediately knows what he means. One feels like a writer just looking at the black leather club chair aptly named  Writer’s Chair.

Homevoyeurs is lucky enough to be able to offer a few items of the Ralph Lauren Home Collection bedding line in the Homevoyeurs webshop! Wonderful bedding for a much friendlier price! For instance this 450 thread count cotton Palm Harbor duvet cover for $495.00. But also shams, pillow covers, beds in a bag and spreads from Ralph Lauren or other quintessential American brands. Starting as low as $50!

Homevoyeurs webshop: Palm Harbor Octagonal Duvet Cover by Ralph Lauren