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‘Paper Vase Cover’ allows you to create your own designers vase

The ‘Paper Vase Cover’ is what it says it is. A vase cover made of paper. It allows you to create a modern design piece out of an ordinary vase or bottle. Because of the folded creases, the vase can be shaped to your liking and fits most standard sized vases or bottles.

Pepe Heykoop ‘Paper Vase Cover’

The vase is made by women in India working for the Tiny Miracles Foundation. When you buy the ‘Paper Vase Cover’, you automatically help the Pardeshi community in India to establish an independent livelihood. The designer, Pepe Heykoop, was awarded the Interior Innovation Award at the imm Köln in 2013.  The retail price is € 21,50  Check out the webshop of MoreThanHip, a site dedicated to ecological and fair trade design and fashion accessories.

Pepe Heykoop ‘Paper Vase Cover’ comes in three colours.

World´s most expensive home: Antilia

Imagine a home with 27 stories worth 1 billion dollars boasting several roof gardens, a private theatre, a ballroom, a private parking garage for several hundred cars, guest quarters, staff quarters, a tennis court, a two-story gym, several pools and a helicopter pad equipped for three helicopters. It was built just last year in the Indian city of Mumbai.

Antilia, world´s most expensive private ´home´ seen left

This 21st Century tower of Babel is home to India´s richest, and world 4th richest man Mukesh Ambani. He lives there with his wife and three children. It is hardly a home anymore with more, much more, floor space than the Palace of Versailles, but it was built as a private residence….


Some critics say architects Perkins & Will were a bit too inspired by the work of Dutch architecture firm MVRDV. Their Dutch pavilion for the 2000 Hannover Expo looks quite similar. Do you agree?


Dutch Pavilion for the 2000 Hannover Expo designed by MVRDV