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‘Paper Vase Cover’ allows you to create your own designers vase

The ‘Paper Vase Cover’ is what it says it is. A vase cover made of paper. It allows you to create a modern design piece out of an ordinary vase or bottle. Because of the folded creases, the vase can be shaped to your liking and fits most standard sized vases or bottles.

Pepe Heykoop ‘Paper Vase Cover’

The vase is made by women in India working for the Tiny Miracles Foundation. When you buy the ‘Paper Vase Cover’, you automatically help the Pardeshi community in India to establish an independent livelihood. The designer, Pepe Heykoop, was awarded the Interior Innovation Award at the imm Köln in 2013.  The retail price is € 21,50  Check out the webshop of MoreThanHip, a site dedicated to ecological and fair trade design and fashion accessories.

Pepe Heykoop ‘Paper Vase Cover’ comes in three colours.

Organic vase

As an urban dweller with just not enough storage in his apartment, I appreciate design that appeals without being in function. So a vase that can sit on a table without flowers, yet without being just a vase is worth a closer look.

Benjamin Graindorge designed this vase with the pretentious and annoyingly difficult name ikebanamedulla (no capital I off course, because everybody uses capitals so why should Benjamin). I like the idea of it, but am not sure I like the outcome. I like the silhouette, and I also like the frail stem-like things ‘growing’ from the bottom. But the white backdrop with the jagged edge is too bold a statement, if that.

Benjamin Graindorge / 'ikebanamedulla'