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$480.000.000 London home for sale.

I checked by bank accounts but am short about $479.999.999. Pity, because otherwise I could have afforded this lovely little pied-a-terre in posh Kensington, London that’s on the market for 300 million GBP…. It’s got 45 bedrooms spread out over a total of 7 stories and boasts a view of London’s Hyde Park. It was owned by Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the deceased Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Now as we all know sultans and such are famous for their understated class and sense of style…NOT! So no surprise that this house is whispered to be decorated with gold leaf.. Classy right?

$480.000.000 home in London’s Hyde Park

videotour of NYC’s most expensive penthouse at $100 million

Not sure how the Dutch saying ‘Baas boven baas’ translates to English, but the $65 million apartment in an earlier post has met its match. The penthouse in the video below is on the market for $100 million… the most expensive listing the city has ever seen….

One of NYC’s most expensive apartments for sale at $65.000.000

It’s the most expensive Co-op apartment ever in NYC. But whoever has this much cash available, or gets his bank to join in, will not regret it. A whooping 12000 square feet (which is about 1200 m2) and so many terraces that one was converted in an outdoor ice skating rink for a party once. The owner, Grammy Nominated songwriter Denise Rich (what’s in a name), is selling it as she suffers from empty nest syndrome. I wonder, with a house this big, if you even notice if your housemates are home or out…..

The apartment comprises two floors with a total of 19 rooms, amazing views of the whole of Central Park a professional recording studio, gym and billiard room and several kitchens and full bathrooms.

At $5.400 per square foot, it’s actually quite a lot ‘cheaper than the record condo — not co-op — price of $13,000 per square foot, which is what former Citigroup Chairman Sandy Weill’s triplex at 15 Central Park West recently sold for. I have yet to figure out what exactly is the difference between an co-op and condo, but my guess is it has to do with full ownership? Anyhow; not intending to buy either anytime soon so plenty of time to worry about that later.

Image courtesy of Corcoran Realtors

Images courtesy of Corcoran Realtors

Images courtesy of Corcoran Realtors

Images courtesy of Corcoran realtors

Brooke Shields sells off her NYC pied-a-terre

Classy model/actress/writer Brooke Shields and her equally successful hubby are selling of one of their properties. It’s a 2600 square feet which measures up to about 260 m2, but quite frankly, the floor plan begs to differ…It is nice enough though, and in a prime location in NYC’s trendy SoHo district. The property comes with three bedrooms, two full baths, ample storage space and my personal favorite; an elevator opening up into the actual apartment! How Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan Morell!

It was sold for $2.950.000

Images courtesy of The Real Estalker

Floor plan porn…..

Look at this magnificent apartment. It’s the Penthouse of the mother of all real estate pearls; 15 Central Park West. To be fair, it’s ‘just’ the penthouse of the lower part. But it faces Central Park, and has terraces overlooking it on pretty much all sides. Hence it’s rather steep asking price of $88.000.000….. That means Greece couldn’t afford it.

15 Central Park West

Sanford "Sandy" Weill's swanky crib

I love a bit of floor plan porn in the morning. Thanks to Real Estalker for the original post!

Cardboard furniture for a quick sale!

This is very clever! Everybody knows that a furnished home sells faster than an empty one. However, sometimes people have already moved out, or homes have just been remodeled and there is not always money for a decent bit of furniture. Enter Boxter.nl. Sacked realtor Marijn Muller noticed the demand for real estate styling and designed cardboard furniture. 250 Euros will get you a standard set with a cardboard sofa, book shelves,  fire-place and a TV. Other accessories and furniture are for sale in the webshop.


Cardboard furniture by Boxter.nl



Ben Stiller’s Hollywood Hills mansion

The hills high above seedy Hollywood Boulevard are home to many of the rich and famous we know from the celluloid screen. Often these houses read like a  history timeline of Hollywood by virtue of their famous owners. It is not uncommon for a home to go from one movie star hand to another. If this is the case with Ben Stiller’s compound is not sure. But boy is it impressive!

Ben Stiller's home. Image courtesy of the Real Estalker

It was on the market for $12.500.000 last year but withdrawn. Now it’s back after a $1000.000 price drop for $11.495.000. The listing describes it as follows:

Step through the gates of this walled compound and into the crown jewel of Outpost Estates. Two separate homes flank close to an acre of lushly landscaped grounds that rival the Bel Air Hotel. To the south sits a 1929 authentic Spanish meticulously restored and sensitively updated by design team Roman & Williams based in New York, to the north a stunning Mediterranean redefined with a Contemporary point of view. A 1 br guest house, a magnificent pool, outdoor dining/living areas and a beautiful grassy yard complete this extraordinary estate.