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Riviera Maison summer collection

I was invited to the presentation the Riviera Maison summer collection. Just like when I was there for the Spring collection, I was given a private tour of the showroom. Lots of bold and bright colours this year, with the Caribbean as one of the main themes. Not really my cup of tea as the colours were a bit too girly for my liking. I did however see a few items I really like. For instance this shoe rack.

Riviera Maison Shoe rack

It is not cheap at €299,- but very stylish.

They also have these acrylic ‘glasses’ that look like they are made of crystal. Great for a chic picnic or a fancy camping trip. Or at home if you are clumsy or have kids or dogs with long tails that sweep the crystal of your coffee-table.  I like the fact that they look quite real. On the tour we had to pick them up to check if maybe they weren’t real ones. The tumblers are € 5,95 and the wine glasses € 6,95.

Acrylic glasses by Riviera Maison

Riviera Maison Spring Collection

Recently I visited the Riviera Maison showroom in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands, for the presentation of their 2011 Spring Collection.

Sofa Je ne sais Quoi

The new collection is based on different themes such as Yacht Club and Fairfield Stables; without fail, all of them immediately bringing to mind images of the playgrounds of the well to do in either old or new England. Riviera Maison’s signature is writing on items what they are to be used for. From simple words like ‘books’ or ‘tea’ to more elaborate texts like “Martha’s Vineyard Recipe’s” or “Je ne Sais Quoi” in the back seat of a sofa. One might find it a bit annoying that the basket they bought for toys, has ‘bread’  or ‘laundry’ written on it in elegant and contrasting handwritten letters. However, over all, the collection succeeds in making you believe that with the right furniture and accessories, you too can live the dream. And I can only admire the brand for their sheer persistence and coherence in what they believe works. And it does. Most recently they opened a 700m2 flagship store in Düsseldorf.

Clinton Hill Cabinet

The brand is a hit with consumers willing to splash out a bit, and magazines and websites all over the world have long ago picked up on this.

Club 67 Lounge love seat linen