Vintage finds and antiques revamped with old Silk Road fabrics

In my other career as PR, I am sometimes lucky enough to work with highly inspiring clients. Momiq is one of those. An former colleague of mine recently started this company with her sister.

Momiq combines antique and vintage furniture with fabrics from the old silk road

Momiq combines antique and vintage furniture with fabrics from the old silk road

They create wonderful, individual pieces of furniture using antique and vintage pieces upholstered with handcrafted colourful old and new fabrics. The fabrics used are mainly from countries along the old Silk Road. Among others, these are suzanis and ikat fabrics from Uzbekistan. Suzanis are embroidered pieces of cloth made by women in the region of Central Asia. They are an important part of a girl’s dowry and are also used for decorative purposes in Central Asian households. Colors are separately dyed and once the panels are complete and sewn together, the suzani is sometimes slightly mismatched because of this. But in these delightful flaws lies its beauty. Although the aim of Momique is to design in a sustainable way and re-use as much as possible, they also use new fabrics. These are all from established brands such as Designers Guild, Nobilis, Lorca and Osborne & Little.


Sobir is a walnut Fauteuil à la Reine from the Regènce period in France (1715–1723). The front side of Sobir is upholstered with a new fabric Papilio Plain II from Osborne & Little. An embroidered strip from Uzbekistan is attached to the front of the seat

Sisters Lidewij in ‘t Veld and Rosemarijn van Velzen – in ‘t Veld share a love for used furniture, colourful fabrics and different cultures.They roam the planet looking for hidden gems they can use when creating the collections for Momiq.

Sisters Lidewij in ‘t Veld and Rosemarijn van Velzen – in ‘t Veld, founders of Momiq

The first collection is called ‘Nomads’. Trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort used the term Nomadism for the trend where boundaries are blurred, and time, culture and place all roll into one. It is this what inspires Momiq. The first collection of chairs each bare the name of an Uzbeki word. Uzbekistan is a country on the old silk road.

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One response to “Vintage finds and antiques revamped with old Silk Road fabrics

  1. Dear All,

    Our contemporary products Suzani textile is hand-embroidered by women
    incorporating designs traditionally used in the 18th and 19th centuries in
    the towns of Uzbekistan. We also produce and sell different kind of
    embroideries with different motives and designs. In our collection there is
    also a big amount of suzanies from 1970’s and 1980’s ( Vintage Suzanis)
    which are going to become rare in our days. Our motto is to beautify
    people’s life and home with beautiful embroideries, and to offer only
    embroideries with only the best quality.

    The LitleSilkRoadShop has strong ties in Central Asia which we gained
    through our efforts establishing reliable contacts with officials and
    cooperating closely with artisans, craft persons, workshops and
    manufacturers. Today we offer to your attention different kind of suzanis
    for your home, office, friends, relatives and your family.

    Along with our collaborative team we are creating the antiques of tomorrow.
    We are pioneers in reproduction masterpieces combining the modern style and
    keeping the ethnical traditions of hand craft. This makes our products even
    more exceptionally unique and distinctive. We guarantee the quality of
    products and customer satisfaction for all purchases.

    Thank You and look forward to hearing back from You,

    Hope to work with You in the future,

    Best Regards,

    The Little Silk Road Shop

    Azizbek Gulyamov



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