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Pied-de-poule / Houndstooth

Pied-de-poule (chicken’s foot) or houndstooth in English is a duotone textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, often in black and white, although other colours are used.

source: Wikipedia

I know, I know, I am hopelessly late as this trend has been going on since forever, but I still love this graphic pattern in the home.






Vintage finds and antiques revamped with old Silk Road fabrics

In my other career as PR, I am sometimes lucky enough to work with highly inspiring clients. Momiq is one of those. An former colleague of mine recently started this company with her sister.

Momiq combines antique and vintage furniture with fabrics from the old silk road

Momiq combines antique and vintage furniture with fabrics from the old silk road

They create wonderful, individual pieces of furniture using antique and vintage pieces upholstered with handcrafted colourful old and new fabrics. The fabrics used are mainly from countries along the old Silk Road. Among others, these are suzanis and ikat fabrics from Uzbekistan. Suzanis are embroidered pieces of cloth made by women in the region of Central Asia. They are an important part of a girl’s dowry and are also used for decorative purposes in Central Asian households. Colors are separately dyed and once the panels are complete and sewn together, the suzani is sometimes slightly mismatched because of this. But in these delightful flaws lies its beauty. Although the aim of Momique is to design in a sustainable way and re-use as much as possible, they also use new fabrics. These are all from established brands such as Designers Guild, Nobilis, Lorca and Osborne & Little.


Sobir is a walnut Fauteuil à la Reine from the Regènce period in France (1715–1723). The front side of Sobir is upholstered with a new fabric Papilio Plain II from Osborne & Little. An embroidered strip from Uzbekistan is attached to the front of the seat

Sisters Lidewij in ‘t Veld and Rosemarijn van Velzen – in ‘t Veld share a love for used furniture, colourful fabrics and different cultures.They roam the planet looking for hidden gems they can use when creating the collections for Momiq.

Sisters Lidewij in ‘t Veld and Rosemarijn van Velzen – in ‘t Veld, founders of Momiq

The first collection is called ‘Nomads’. Trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort used the term Nomadism for the trend where boundaries are blurred, and time, culture and place all roll into one. It is this what inspires Momiq. The first collection of chairs each bare the name of an Uzbeki word. Uzbekistan is a country on the old silk road.

Photography sunna & marcvanpraag.com

Bemz teams up with Designers Guild

Ikea-furniture pimp company Bemz have incorporated designs by Designers Guild in their ever-growing collection of prints and fabrics to give your Ikea sofa a second chance in life.

In an earlier post I wrote about companies offering slip covers for Ikea sofa’s and chairs. Bemz was one of them. The Stockholm based  compa ny, spawned from the mind of the owner whilst on maternity leave, offers a large variety of fabrics they turn into slip covers to pimp your Ecktorp, Karlstad or Klippan sofa’s and chairs. Most recently they added designs from Designers Guild to their collection.

Designers Guild @ Bemz.com

“Founder and design guru Tricia Guild is famous the world over for her bold and graphic designs and unique pattern combinations. She has also authored several books, in which she encourages us to introduce colour and pattern into our homes. Tricia finds a lot of inspiration among plantlife which she injects with asian, antique and bohemian elements.”

Inspired? Or need to be? Try one of Tricia Guild’s books available through the Homevoyeurs.com webshop.

For instance Tricia Guild Flower Sense; The Art of Decorating with Flowers. Now available for $30.40 & eligible for FREE Shipping in some countries.


Upholstery tips

I could do with a bit of advice.

My husband and I have 6 dining room tables that we love. The current upholstery however has seen better days. The colour is still fine, and it looks OK from a distance, but a closer look learns that it might be time to have them redone.  I myself am thinking of a velours or heavy cotton/wool type fabric with a rich texture in a light or maybe dark grey.

Dining room chair

Dining room chair

Then we have this antique arm chair. It came from my parents old house and they don’t have room for it in their apartment. I believe it used to belong to my late grandmother. We love the wood and style but are not too pleased with the colour of the fabric on the seat. I think a big floral pattern in maybe a heavy silk or rich cotton mix in blue/green/grey or, to match the red corduroy sofa, a red floral pattern would look great.

arm chair

arm chair

What do you guys think?