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Classic touch: zebra print rugs

Last week I placed a bid on a zebra print rug on Marktplaats, the Dutch equivalent of eBay. In fact; eBay owns Marktplaats. I bought heaps of stuff from there already and always advice clients to check the many many ads for great finds and pieces.

The seller of the rug only had a slightly odd picture up, but after he accepted my 30 euro bid I decided to go for it. I now obviously hope it’s the gorgeous classy rug I envision. A few images to get your creative juices flowing.

I love how the rug brings the whole room together in this picture.

In this picture the zebra print proves to be a great alternative for a kelim, almost bringing an African flair to a classic room.

Here the graphic pattern of the zebra stripes accentuates the timeless design pieces in this room.

I absolutely love the vintage and bohemian feel of this room. In this case the (fake!) zebras rug is shaped like the hide would be. That’s a great sofa too. Oh, and that chair…. wow… great room!

Check out my zebra moodboard on Pinterest.

Oh, and if you want to go crafty on your home, here’s a wonderfully simple trick to create your own zebra print rug!


Upholstery tips

I could do with a bit of advice.

My husband and I have 6 dining room tables that we love. The current upholstery however has seen better days. The colour is still fine, and it looks OK from a distance, but a closer look learns that it might be time to have them redone.  I myself am thinking of a velours or heavy cotton/wool type fabric with a rich texture in a light or maybe dark grey.

Dining room chair

Dining room chair

Then we have this antique arm chair. It came from my parents old house and they don’t have room for it in their apartment. I believe it used to belong to my late grandmother. We love the wood and style but are not too pleased with the colour of the fabric on the seat. I think a big floral pattern in maybe a heavy silk or rich cotton mix in blue/green/grey or, to match the red corduroy sofa, a red floral pattern would look great.

arm chair

arm chair

What do you guys think?