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Pied-de-poule / Houndstooth

Pied-de-poule (chicken’s foot) or houndstooth in English is a duotone textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, often in black and white, although other colours are used.

source: Wikipedia

I know, I know, I am hopelessly late as this trend has been going on since forever, but I still love this graphic pattern in the home.






Nate Berkus collection for Calico

By now you all should know I have a bit of a crush on Nate Berkus. I love his work, and he is very easy on the eye. So is his collection for American fabric company Calico

Nate Berkus Fabric Collection for Calico

Nate Berkus Fabric Collection for Calico

The Nate Berkus Fabric Collection is inspired by Nate’s many travels and his own life.

“Your home should tell your story. Memories framed on a wall. What you love within easy reach. Fabric is one of the best ways I know to layer your rooms with the color and patterns you love most. Wether one yard for a pillow or ten for a chair, let the pattern you love be what you live with” – Nate

Calico is organising a contest on facebook where you can win his book The Things That Matter. I suggest you join, but if you don’t win, you can always buy the book in the Homevoyeurs Webshop!

Nate Berkus - The Things That Matter

Nate Berkus – The Things That Matter




Picture book collages by Dieuwertje

In a garden studio in the Northern part of the Dutch Capitol Amsterdam, Dutch designer Dieuwertje van de Moosdijk finds inspiration for her art. The word designer might not be covering her metier completely. Dieuwertje could easily be considered a stylist, illustrator, decorator and creator as her work fits so many purposes it´s hard to stick a label on it. Oh, and she writes too!

Dieuwertje's garden studio

The outside world nature in particular, but urban scenes too, inspire her the most. Clouds, sheep, flowers, fields; they are often part of her work. Yet occasionally a small French car, an interior or even a caravan play a cameo in the images. And every item is hand-made. Candy wrappers, wallpaper samples, bits of fabric, photographs, drawings and even bits of her mother’s wedding dress find their ways to the collages. “I like to see the ruggedness in my products. All my work is done by hand rather than by computer. Long live scissors and the glue gun!”.

Houd de conversatie gaande, Dieuwertjemaakt.nl

We gaan naar Frankrijk, Dieuwertjemaakt.nl

Her work finds it’s way as illustrations in magazines, books or the web, or by mail to notify lucky recipients of births, weddings and parties.

Leftover Dinner Party, Dieuwertjemaakt.nl

Dieuwertje is currently working on a series of recipe cards and on a illustrations for the guide ‘What (not) to eat by @talkinfood.

Bemz teams up with Designers Guild

Ikea-furniture pimp company Bemz have incorporated designs by Designers Guild in their ever-growing collection of prints and fabrics to give your Ikea sofa a second chance in life.

In an earlier post I wrote about companies offering slip covers for Ikea sofa’s and chairs. Bemz was one of them. The Stockholm based  compa ny, spawned from the mind of the owner whilst on maternity leave, offers a large variety of fabrics they turn into slip covers to pimp your Ecktorp, Karlstad or Klippan sofa’s and chairs. Most recently they added designs from Designers Guild to their collection.

Designers Guild @ Bemz.com

“Founder and design guru Tricia Guild is famous the world over for her bold and graphic designs and unique pattern combinations. She has also authored several books, in which she encourages us to introduce colour and pattern into our homes. Tricia finds a lot of inspiration among plantlife which she injects with asian, antique and bohemian elements.”

Inspired? Or need to be? Try one of Tricia Guild’s books available through the Homevoyeurs.com webshop.

For instance Tricia Guild Flower Sense; The Art of Decorating with Flowers. Now available for $30.40 & eligible for FREE Shipping in some countries.