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Harrison Ford puts his Hollywood manse on the market

Hollywood buff Harrison Ford and his much younger (and thinner) wife Calista Flockhart, are selling their Hollywood home. The Country Colonial, designed by Beverly Hills favourite Gerard Colcord, was bought by Mr Ford and his ex-wife in 1983. I guess La Flockhart wanted to get rid of all the bad ex-wife vibes that lingered in the place, but I bet Mr Ford is sadly saying his goodbyes as the place is wonderful.

The house has a lot of charm and most likely he designed and fitted some of the many clever shelves and units. After all, before he went into acting, Harrison Ford was a carpenter and cabinet-maker. It was built in the 1950’s but looks as if it is much older and oozes character! And the views of Los Angeles are breath-taking. With al that smog maybe literally….

The actor and the old Mrs Ford bought the 7000+ square feet (700 m2) for around $1.000.000 which is peanuts now.  The house is on the market for $8.295.000 which means a healthy profit is in the cards. The happy couple need some extra cash as their new home has set them back $12.650.000…..

Images courtesy of The real estalker and David Offer fine homes

$42.000.000 for Jennifer Aniston’s home

Yes, you read that right, and no, I didn’t put in a zero too many……..

Jennifer Aniston is selling her house in, where else, Beverly Hills California and listed it for a heart stopping 42 million dollars. For that you get a lot, but seriously.. $42.000.000? Is it honestly worth that much? Or does it help that Jen is the seller?

Jennifer Aniston's house in Beverly Hills

The house is massive, and has gorgeous views. It sits on nearly an acre of land and measures around 10,000 square feet with a total of 5 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms including the staff suite and expansive master bedroom suite with two spa like bathrooms. And to imagine that Miss Aniston is very very single. Maybe that’s why she is moving? 5 bedrooms and 7,5 bathrooms (a half bathroom in Americano speak means just a loo) might be pushing it a bit on your own?

Jennifer Aniston's $42.000.000 listed Beverly Hills home

Rumour has it, she is buying three new homes, all in NYC. They are now listed separately, but are adjacent so can be joined and remodeled into one big apartment.

Images courtesy of The Real Estalker

Ashton Kutcher finally ready to commit?

He’s been with Demi for ages, and aren’t they marriedeven? Yet Ashton Kutcher only now decided to put his one time bachelor pad on the market. Maybe they used it as their pied-a-terre away from lovely Idaho where Demi bought a ranch after her divorce from Bruce. Whatever the reason; I have pictures.

Way back when Ashton was in That 70’s show he put down $1,690,000 on a Tudor style manse in, where else, Beverly Hills. The size a modest 4000+ square feet. It is here where the Bush sisters Jenna and Anna or Emma or the other one at least were caught blazin’ up a doobey which caused a bit of a stir Washington side.

The house has 6 bedrooms and 6,5 bathrooms, which I feel is quite a lot for a single guy in his twenties. Also, it actually looks like someone was not sure to go for Mountain resort chic, Knights in armour fancy, English tudor, or Early 60’s housing associations-esque. I mean, I am just not sure about the brown tiles in the stairway….

surprisingly modest for such a sought after zip

surprisingly modest for such a sought after zip

All this can be yours for $3,700,000