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Oops, I’m moving again

What a little rehab and time on the couch can do for you huh? Well, it might not immediately revamp your career but it does make you want to start fresh. Thus proves pop sensation has-been Britney Spears. She reportedly paid $12,900.000 for this ultra-luxurious pad in Hidden Hills California.

La Spears' new home

Her house is huge! A staggering 9,107 square feet, which roughly translates to 850 m2. It has 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, a ball room, two staff apartments, guest quarters, a wine cellar, chef’s kitchen and a games room. The landscaped garden boasts a tennis court, a pool and several hot tubs.

Landscaped garden

Hidden hills is a private, gated community for the über rich and wealthy. Britney will be hooding it up with the Kardashians, the Osbournes and Melissa Etheridge to name a few. As it is gated, paparazzi won’t be following her every move or shave.

Sitting room


Source Homebunch.com

There’s no place like Judy’s

Hollywood history was written by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire, Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogard and Judy Garland. These people once partied in the same streets now frequented by the new Hollywood Royalty. Their former homes now often owned by anonymous owners. Every now and then one of them is up for sale as was the case with Ms Monroe’s home not too long ago. And now Judy Garland’s former residence is up for grabs. Grabs worth $5,5 million that is….


Judy Garland's home in Bel Air California

Image courtesy of Redfin real Estate

Garland in the back yard of the Bel Air home

LA curbed has more pictures of this home including the interior


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Financial crisis hitting celebrity home owners too

No need to feel sorry for them just yet, but the current market is hitting our celebrity friends too. Here a few famous peeps selling with a loss.

23 year old pop singer Avril Lavigne had to bring down the  asking price on her five-bedroom, six-bath house in Beverly Hills from $6.9 million to $5.8 million. It looks she might have actually sold it now.

Lavigne's pad sold after a $1,1 million price reduction

Lavigne's pad sold after a $1,1 million price reduction

That 70’s Show star Wilmer Valderrama had to accept $200,000 less for his five-bedroom home when he got an offer for $1,75 million. He originally intended to sell his house in the relatively unfashionable and anything but des resValley neighborhood of Tarzana for $1,95 million.
Everybody Loves Raymond big guy Brad Garret reduced the price of his massive 10.000 sq ft mansion from $9,75 million to a measly $8,8 million…. He put it on the market in 2006 but has yet to sell the place.
$8,8 million and it's yours!

$8,8 million and it's yours!

Long haired rock guitarist Slash of former pop/rock band Guns N’ Roses feels he was screwed paying $6,2 million in January 2006 for his Spanish-style Hollywood Hills home.  He sold it last December for $5.7 million claiming it was neither as big nor as private as his estate agent claimed. He is suing the guy and the case is ongoing.
Denise Richards lost $200.000 on the sale of her white home in Hidden Hills, just north of La La Land. She sold it for $3,8 million, originally accepting offers nearer to the $4,5 million range. She bought it in June 2006 for $4 million.
Hidden Hills, how romantic a name....

Hidden Hills, how romantic a name....

Like I said; no need to feel sorry as the money going back and forth still over shadows any sum I will likely ever make, but still, it’s must be hard to loose half a million on a house, even if you’re Slash.